App week: Apple in-app subs, miCoach for Android

Also: Inception goes from IMAX to iPhone

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Apple launches in-app subs, T3 signs on
Following the launch of The Daily, Apple this week enabled users to subscribe to their favourite content and have it automatically delivered to their iOS device and T3's iPad Edition is among the first to jump on board. You can get three issues of the iPad Edition for just £5.99 or an entire year's sub to your favourite gadget magazine for just £23.99.

Android finally getting a decent fitness app
The Adidas miCoach app has been a revelation on the iPhone, pushing Nike+ to new levels, but where's the Android equivalent? On the way apparently. The free GPS-based app, which uses colour coded running zones, audio coaching and perfectly tailored programmes to bring out the best in you, is coming to Android in late April.

The Dark Knight: From IMAX to iPhone
Warner Brothers studios has come up with the marvelous idea of launching free iOS apps for The Dark Knight and Inception. The apps offer soundtrack info, trivia and bonus content from the hit geek movies as well as the first five minutes of the movie. From there, you can download the full movie and tweet in real time. Hooray!

...And Finally
It's the iPhone app we've all been waiting for; The Official Paris Hilton App. You can now become the socialite's BFF by pasting her into your photos and sharing them with friends or upload your own snap to be judged 'Hot or Not' by the fan fraternity. It's available now.

App of the Week | UNO for BlackBerry
A five-star port of the classic card game comes to BlackBerry
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | UNO for BlackBerry review


...UNO gets CINQO stars
Re-developing classics for the smartphone era has one manta. Don't mess with the basics, make it look pretty and you're onto a winner. That's exactly what Gamealot has done with this official port of the timeless card game for BlackBerry. Play locally with four of your friends until you can scream "UNO" in their faces.

It's Scrabble on the hush-hush
While the official UNO license has arrived on BlackBerry, Android is still waiting an official Scrabble sim, which is why Words with Friends is such a welcome addition to the Android Market. The best thing about this game is that its cross platform allowing you to rub your superiority in the faces of iPhone owners with words like 'actual' and 'multitasking'. If you have no-one willing to take you on, you can play a random wordsmith online.

BlackBerry gets a Prevue
There are a few nice apps out there that add basic functionality that BlackBerry users often miss out on, and Message Prevue is another one of those. Instead of having to delve into your inbox to find out who the message is from you can not get a little notification in the corner of your screen and then continue as you were. Check out our review of Message Prevue for BlackBerry

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