App week: Apple iMessage, Angry Birds Rio updated

Plus: OnLive gaming for iPad, another Skype outage

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...

iPhone app news: Apple iMessage is RIM's worst nightmare
Announced for iOS 5 at WWDC on Monday, Apple revealed iMessage, a free iOS-to-iOS IM app which will allow users to share text, photos and videos. While this is great news for Apple fans, it's a disaster for RIM, whose BlackBerry Messenger client has been popular in enticing the lucrative teenage market.

Skype app news: VoIP service suffers another outage
It's been a case of Mo Money, Mo Problems since Skype sold-out to Microsoft for $8.5 billion. Tuesday say the service suffer a second widespread outage in as many weeks, leaving users out in the cold for hours. Might Microsoft begin to question whether they got value for money?

Android app news: Your handset gets a new bird
Rovio has launched an Angry Birds Rio update bringing 15 new levels and a new bird to chuck at those pesky monkeys. Angry Birds Rio Carnival will allow you to play as the Blue macaw from the Rio film for the first time and it's also available for iOS devices. Meanwhile the Angry Birds movie will be produced in house by Rovio

iPad app news: OnLive Player officially announced
The OnLive cloud-based gaming service is taking off big-time in the US and this week were were greeted with the news that it'll be arriving in the UK this autumn. Better still the OnLive Player app for iPad will launch later this year, bringing full gaming through a wireless controller. It's going to rule.

iOS app news: No iTunes Match in the UK 'til 2012
It seems that UK Apple fans won't get the iTunes portion of iCloud until 2012. After scrambling to make deals for the music streaming service in the States, Apple has only just started negotiating with UK labels and publishers. No iTunes Match for us until next year then

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iPhone app review: Super 8
With the stupendously-awesome-looking Super 8 movie set to rule the summer, the movie producers had a nifty idea of launching an app that turns your iPhone into a Super 8 camera. You can now create your own vintage movies with different lenses and filters and arrange the clips them how you wish.

Android app review: Scott Pilgrim
Fresh from the Scott Pilgrim movie, comes an Android app featuring the original comics. If you enjoyed the movie then this app is well worth checking out, but at £3.49, it's a little bit pricey. Scott Pilgrim for Android app review.

iPad app review: Keynote
Apple's iWork school of productivity apps has been knocking around on the iPad for a while. The launch for iPhone last week brought them back into the news. Here we have a Keynote for iPad review, which allows users to create presentations on the go. Sadly, it fails to live up to the excellent Mac app. Find out why in our review.