App Week: Apple announces Cards, Google Books UK launch

Plus: NBA 2K12 comes to iOS devices and Microsoft's Xbox Companion app

Every Saturday we bring you the biggest smartphone app news of the week as well as a host of reviews from the T3 App Chart. This week we've got big news from Apple, Android and Windows Phone, while we examine the top 10 iPad apps.

Android apps news: Google Books launches in the UK
UK Android owners should be seeing a change on their Android Market home screen this week; the addition of a Books tab. Google has finally brought its Kindle-bothering Google Books service to these shores with new releases and millions of free books to download to your smartphone and tablets.

Windows Phone app news: Xbox Companion app will control your console
Microsoft has announced plans for a Windows Phone app that will allow you to navigate around content on your Xbox. The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone, which is still in Beta at the company, will work as a remote and a means of searching for movies and music.

iPhone app news: Apple announces Cards app
One of the undercard launches at Apple's iPhone 4S launch this week was a new greetings card creation tool called Cards. Cards for iOS devices will enable you to snap photos on the camera and personalise greetings. Apple will ship them for you for $2.99 in the US. No news yet on whether the service will be coming to the UK.

Android app news: Google bans 'Is My Son Gay?' app
Google has removed an app from the Android Market which uses tired old gay stereotypes to supposedly help parents discover the sexuality of their male offspring. The 'Is My Son Gay?' app offered 20 yes/no questions such as 'How long does he spend in the bathroom?' Gay rights groups decided that was offensive and Google agreed. It's a goner.

iPhone app news: NBA 2K12 comes to iOS devices
2K Sports has released its popular console basketball sim on iOS devices for the first time. NBA 2K12 is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and allows you to play a full season as any one of the NBA franchises. There's also a special Michael Jordan challenge mode for old school fans. It'll cost £2.99 on iPhone and £6.99 on iPad.

App reviews from the T3 App Chart

iPhone app review: Met Office Weather Application
With this past week looking slightly autumnal to say the least, it's a good time to pick up a weather app so you know what to wear every day. The Met Office app isn't perfect, but there's a wealth of information on offer and as it comes straight from the Met Office, it's probably going to be as good as you can get. Read our Met Office Weather Application review

Android app review: Miren Browser
Google-powered smartphones offer a wealth of different browsers for you to experiment with and Miren Browser is one of the best. Our reviewer says: "The browser takes seconds to load up and is one of the most intuitive we have used. Creating bookmarks for your favourite sites is done on the front page and here you will also fins links to tops sites and search functionality."

Best iPad apps: The Top 10
During the iPhone 4S launch event last Tuesday, Apple announced it now has over 100,000 apps optimised for the Apple iPad. With that in mind, it's a great opportunity to check out the best that the iPad App Store has to offer. Our top ten iPad apps include Flipboard, Dolphin Browser HD and Contre Jour. Update your wares today.