App Week: Angry Birds on Android, Shazam upgraded

Big news and the hot reviews from T3's App Chart

Welcome to a new feature on Every Saturday we'll be rounding up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Twitter comes to the iPad
The wait is finally over for iPad owners and the official Twitter app is now available for download on the App Store, and it's much more than your average app. Featured in the iPad iteration is the new Panes interface, which allows users to open tweets, pictures and video within the app. For more details on this and the incorporation of multitouch check out the full story.

Angry Birds flies onto Android
With 5 million downloads in the bank for the iPhone, those winged menages are taking their trail of destruction to a new platform. Angry Birds Lite Beta for Android is now available on the Android Market.

Shazam! Multitasking and instat-tag added to app
In a huge week for the big app players, music discovery service Shazam has launched a major update for iPhone and iPod touch. In amongst a host of new features is easier access to iTunes and YouTube links as well as an tag from start-up service that begins listening as soon as you launch the app. Read on to hear more

Microsoft Search lands on Google phones
It may only be on US Verizon handsets at presents but news that Microsoft has unleashed a Bing app for Android is definitely one to keep an eye on. Packed with new location-based search features for the on the go user, early indications are that it's an absolute winner.

App of the Week | FatBooth
This latest iPhone photo-manipulation app is by far the grossest yet. And yet still the funniest.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 iPhone Apps | FatBooth Review


PowerBOSS for Blackberry
A super-handy addition to RIM's App World prevents the cell radio from shutting down as your battery approaches its doom. This should allow you to eek a few more texts out before it's actually dead. Read the full PowerBOSS review.

FatBooth for iPhone
A five star applicaiton for the iPhone it might be, but FatBooth isn't going to change your world. It might however ruin your best friend's life if you add a few pounds to his face and tag it on Facebook.

The Guardian Anywhere for Android
An unofficial app for the left-leaning newspaper has been unleashed on the Android Market in light of the current iPhone-centric offering. The Guardian Anywhere app for Android downloads the 'papers content to your handset and allows you to read the content offline. Check out the review on the App Chart.

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