App week: Angry Birds NFC, NBA Jam comes to iPad

Plus: Dead Space HD for iPad review

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


Nokia app news: Angry Birds NFC to hit the Ovi Store
It's not very often a Nokia app provides the biggest news of the week, but this week the Finns announced an exclusive new Angry Birds Magic game with NFC technology, meaning you'll be able to team-up with your mates for some tag team pig smashing. It'll be coming on the pre-installed on the Nokia C7.

iPad news: Welcome to NBA Jam
NBA Jam was one of the most beloved games of the 16-bit era, so it was with huge delight that we discovered NBA Jam HD for iPad when browsing the new and notable section of the App Store this week. NBA Jam for iPad Perfectly recreating the relentless 2-on-2 action of the original with all of the outrageous dunks and "He's on fire" awesomeness in gorgeous HD.

Android news: Skyfire goes social, wants your cash
The Skyfire browser has been a saviour for owners of Android phones that don't want to play nice with Adobe Flash, but the new iteration of the browser will now charge you a one-off fee for the privilege of using it - to convert web video on the go. Skyfire 4.0 offers quick links to Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and RSS feeds, claiming to be the most social mobile browser out there.

App Store news: Apple and Google change rankings
Apple and Google have changed their app ranking algrithms to ensure the 'most used' iPhone and Android apps are at the top of their respective charts, rather than those that have been downloaded most. The move should ensure that the most useful apps are those people see when they check out what's hot and what's not.

App of the Day | Papa Sangre
Navigate the underworld by sound alone in this fiendish puzzle title.
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iPad app review: Dead Space HD
The Apple iPad 2 promises us 9x better graphics thanks to the A5 processor and Dead Space HD for iPad is the best evidence of the new tablet's visual capabilities. The survival horror game, that has been a massive hit on the Xbox 360 and has been completely rebuilt for the iPad 2.

iPhone app review: Ashpalt 6
If boundless arcade racing rather than realism is what you look for in a driving sim then it's Alsphalt 6 for iPhone you should plump for instead of Need for Speed. Our reviewer says: "This is pure arcade thrill-seeking as you belt along at over 200mph, drift round corners, fly through the air at regular intervals, smash up trackside objects and force opponents into walls at every available opportunity."

Is BlackBerry still competing?
Are you a BlackBerry loyalist who's just about had enough of all these big name apps coming to Apple and Android? Well it's not all doom and gloom. There's still a decent array of BlackBerry apps on offer in the App World store and it's our job to cherry pick the best. Check out the best BlackBerry apps already competing for a shot at the big time

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