App week: Angry Birds go on a Summer Pignic

Plus: ITV Player for Android, Music Unlimited review

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...

Angry Birds News: Birds go on a Summer Pignic
After adding 15 new levels to the original Angry Birds outing last week, this week Rovio has outed an Angry Birds Seasons update. This time the irate winged beasts are going on a 'Summer Pignic', bringing 30 free, new levels to current Seasons owners.

Android app news: ITV Player lands on Android
ITV launched its first ITV Player catch-up TV app this week and chose Android as the destination. ITV Player for Android brings unlimited on-demand from all ITV channels over Wi-Fi for seven days after they're originally aired, so if you missed Corrie this week you're in luck. No iOS app yet, but ITV says its incoming.

Android app news: Samsung Smart TV app
Another TV-centric development for Android this week came in the form of the Smart TV viewer app from Samsung. If you own one of Samsung's awesome Smart connected TVs and a Galaxy S II smartphone you can now transfer your content from the TV to your smartphone. Samsung says more of its handsets and the Galaxy Tabs will be compatible soon.

iPad app news: You have sunk my iPad Battleship!
EA has released its popular iPhone Battleship game in HD-quality form for iPad. This faithful interpretation of the time-honoured maritime classic comes with a single player, two player on the same iPad and iPad-to-iPad play and is available for the introductory prize of just £1.79.

iPhone app news: Be like Batman with the iBats app
Ever thought, 'I wish I had an app that could measure the species of bats that are in my general area', well the iBats volunteer website has come to the rescue. With the aid of an ultrasonic microphone, the iBats app for Android and iPhone records the sounds calls of bats in your vicinity, inaudible to the human ear. Then just upload them to the website and it'll tell you their species.

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Is GarageBand the best app of 2011? Or can Flipboad, Star Walk or the other nominees take the title
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Android app review: Sony Music Unlimited
Last week Sony announced its Music Unlimited service was coming to Android, offering a Spotify like streaming service and cloud storage for your existing music collection. Sounds like the perfect answer to iCloud with a little added value right? Well in theory, it hasn't quite reached that potential yet. Find out why in our review.

iPhone app review: Dragon Dictation
Most of the time we feel quite privileged to be tech journalists, playing with all this new tech, but if there's one bane of this existence, it's transcribing interviews. It takes hours. We're sure the legal eagles and the solicitors and everyone else who has to perform this thankless, mind-numbing task for a living feels the same way. In steps Dragon Dictation for iPhone to save the day. This app will transcribe your notes for in no time. Just make sure you double check.

iPad app review: Hitpad - See What's Up
Apps like Flipboard do a great job of keeping you up with what's happening with your favourite subjects, but what about the rest of the world? Well Hitpad for iPad takes you out of the equation somewhat and brings you the news, videos and tweets that are trending from across the net. So at any time you can get a real snapshot of what's happening in the world.