App week: Android PlayStation suite, iPlayer finally on iPad?

FIFA 11 and Scrabble for iPad reviewed

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


PlayStation Suite for Android incoming
The one thing the App Market is missing is some top of the range mobile games, and that's where Sony comes in. Following the launch of the new NGP (PSP 2) the gaming giant is also readying a host of PSP and PSOne classics for Android handsets. There'll also be new 'PlayStation Certified' games thrown into the mix.

The Daily finally arriving next Wednesday?
It better be good, that's all we can say. After months waiting to make its debut on the virtual shelves of the App Store, it appears The Daily could finally land this Wednesday 2nd February. The digital newspaper is a collaboration between Apple and News International and will deliver an edition to your iPad everyday. It's thought to have a price point of 99p a day.

Dead Space on your iPhone
No, we're not talking about a flash memory failure but of the arrival of the popular PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 horror game on the App Store. The gory, survival thriller brings new levels and new weapons along with a code to unlock new content on the forthcoming console sequel

iPlayer on iOS within a month
You think you had it bad with the wait for The Daily? The BBC announced iPhone and iPlayer apps over a year ago. We could finally be approaching the endgame with reports that the Beeb will launch the apps to coincide with the departure of the project head who spearheaded their development. Lets hope so, it's why many people bought the iPad in the first place.

App of the Week | FIFA 11
The iPhone game causing a stir around the world has gone big, gone HD, gone iPad bound
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Scrabble earns a five star score on iPad
After kicking our asses with triple word scores aplenty on the iPhone, the iPad is next for some Scrabble antics and it doesn't disappoint. The challenging linguistic classic earns T3's five star award for it's debut on Apple's tablet. It's £3.99 and available to download now.

NASA designed my toaster
Did you know that many of the items currently residing in your home were researched and developed by NASA and came directly off the space shuttle? No? Well now you do. The NASA Spinoff app for Android will explain to you how NASA tech is behind Google Maps and how it influenced the design of roofs on football stadium. Those, and other startling facts are available to download from the Android Market now.

Quick Launch for BlackBerry
Say what you will about the benefits of BlackBerry, but they're not the most customisable handsets in the world. You cant whizz through multiple homescreens or overhaul the look and feel of the OS, but despair not because this handy app has the answer. Check out our review of Quick Launch for BlackBerry

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