App week: Android Navigation rerouting, We7 Radio Plus

Also GarageBand and iMovie for iPad are here

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


We7 offers online radio without being online
Yes, you read correctly. The new We7 Radio Plus app allows you to charge up smartphone with music from the tailored station of your choosing, using your home or office Wi-Fi connection. This means that even underground there'll be no buffering or loading even when there's no 3G signal available. Great news for those on limited data plans.

Sorry TomTom, but Google Maps Navigation is getting even better
The traditional satnav will be crying into its cornflakes this weekend because Google has added live traffic rerouting to its completely free Android Navigation app. Google will use current and historical traffic info to automatically take you on the quickest route. Is there any reason left to buy a satnav?

Surf Facebook or play Angry Birds? Dilemma over.
We must admit that 97.265 per cent of our downtime (and a good deal of our up-time) is spent either browsing Facebook or playing Angry Birds on our smartphones. Well tech these days is all about convergence, so say hello to Angry Birds on Facebook. The maladjusted winged menaces will be landing on the social networking platform in May. And, quelle surprise, Angry Birds Seasons: St Patrick's Day is also on the way

GarageBand and new iMovie apps land early
After chucking out iOS 4.3 early, Apple also unleashed the iPad iterations of GarageBand and iMovie for an extremely reasonable £2.99 a pop. iPad one owners can get GB now, but you'll need an iPad 2, iPhone or iPod touch for the new iMovie app, as it requires a video camera.

Can a free movie clip tempt you into an iTunes download?
Sony certainly hopes so. The company has launched the My Daily Clip app which delivers a nicely edited movie scene to your phone every day and allows you to share it with friends. Then, after you've indulged in a little trivia you can download it directly via iTunes.

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Hack and slash in this five-star thriller
The games line-up on Android is finally worth talking about and never more than with the graphically-majestic Samurai II: Vengeance TDH. Sadly at the moment, it's only available to Android phones powered with a Tegra chip, so it'll only work on the Morola Xoom, Atrix or the LG Optimus 2X. A sign of things to come...

QI comes to iPhone
The Stephen Fry-hosted quiz show makes an appearance in smartphone land with this tidy little official app. Boasting more amazing facts than a two-headed John Motson, QI iPhone brings a host of Quite Interesting trivia for the quite reasonable price of £2.39. No Fry to be seen here though. Denied.

We've got a new leader...
at the top of the Windows Phone 7 chart this weekend with the arrival of the best movie database in the world, IMDb. This five star WP7 outing brings all of your favourite features from the site in a beautifully designed interface. Alongside the limitless database, there's also showtimes, trailers and trivia. Lovely.

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