App week: Android Appstore arrives, iMovie review

Also: IMDb app updated, 'gay cure' removed

Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


American Amazon Android Appstore Arrives
We've waited an age for the Amazon Appstore for Android, but unless we up sticks to the US we're going to have to wait a little bit longer. The rival to the Android Market is live in the US exclusively bearing Angry Birds Rio for free, but Amazon says there's no immediate plans to roll out the store in Europe. Check out our review of the Amazon Appstore from the US.

Angry Birds Rio is here... but just for iOS
In light of the lack of an Amazon Appstore, Android owners in the UK are sans Angry Birds Rio. But iOS device owners are quids in with the latest release from Rovio. The new game is a tie-in with the movie release of the same name and sees our favourite winged menaces head to Brazil to rescue some kidnapped pals. It's 59p for iPhone and £1.79 for the HD iPad version.

Color, a new photo-based social network
According to $41m of Silicon Valley investment, this app is the next big thing. Color uses GPS and your phone's camera lens to create a photostream from people in your local vicinity and gives you the opportunity to connect with folks in your "elastic network" of people also posting using the app. So, for example if you're at a music festival and see a lot of folks taking pictures during the Kings of Leon set, you can comment on their photo and they'll have the opportunity to get in touch. Cool idea. We'll see if it takes off. It's available on iPhone now and coming to Android.

Apple removes 'gay cure' app
Usually Apple is ahead of the game with the almighty whip of censorship, but it's taken them a while to get rid of this rather dubious entry to the App Store. The Exodus International app, which claimed to offer 'freedom from homosexuality,' has been removed after 150,000 people signed an online petition.

Keep an eye on your favourite blockbusters-to-be
The world's favourite movie encyclopedia has greenlit its new iOS app which allows film fans to keep track on their favourite upcoming titles with the new Watchlist feature. The new upgrade also features and improved movie showtimes database and the chance to buy tickets via the site. There's also the joys of playing back trailers on your TV via AirPlay.


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There's AirPlay and then there's AirVideo
If you're constantly hindered by the paltry 16GB storage on your iOS device and tired of the long hours converting your video files into an Apple-friendly format this app can solve both of those woes. AirVideo uses Wi-Fi to automatically convert files from your computer and play them back on your iPhone or iPad. Perfect if you're on a plane ride equipped with Wi-Fi.

An old-school platformer with new-school charm
"Essentially, it's Mario diluted into bite-sized smartphone chunks" says our Android app expert of this 2D platform adventure. You are in charge of a little black monster who roams a 2D landscape eating diamonds and growing big and strong in the hope of being eaten by a bigger monster and moving onto the next level. They Need To Be Fed is a fun game, costs under a buck and our reviewer awards it an almost-perfect four stars.

If you're buying an iPad 2 today...
Then this app has to be among the first you download for your shiny new tablet. The new iMovie app for iPad is a brilliantly self-contained package that allows you to shoot, trim, edit, add sheen, music and titles to your creation and then upload it to the www. directly from your iPad. If you don't believe us, check out this package produced completely using the device.

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