App Week: Android Movie rentals hits UK, free BlackBerry apps

Plus: I'm Getting Arrested comes to Android, BlackBerry users get Spotify at last

Each week we bring your the biggest news and new releases from the world of apps, while also keeping you up to speed on the latest and greatest reviews form the T3 App Chart

BlackBerry App News: Spotify finally arrives for BlackBerry
Let's face it, this whole no Spotify for BlackBerry thing must have been pretty embarrassing for RIM. Even Symbian and WebOS had one. Well now the great App World injustice has been resolved. You know the score, you'll need a £10 a month subscription to Spotify Premium to access the app and from there you'll get unlimited streaming, offline caching and playlist syncing.

Android App News: Android Market movie rentals arrive in the UK
Google has launched its movie rental service for Android in Blighty, with a thousand titles at launch, starting at £2.49 a go. You'll need to download the Movies app from the Android Market and then you're good to go. It's about time Google pulled its finger out with this iTunes Movies rival in the UK.

iPhone App News: Instapaper gets impressive upgrade
Instapaper, the brilliant offline reading app, which pulls down stories from the web and stores them in one place to allow you to access when there's no internet connection, has a new upgrade. Instapaper 4.0 for iPhone and iPad now offers access to a subscription service which lets you browser every article you've ever saved. There's also a redesigned UI, improved sharing and compatibility with iOS 5.

Android App News: Occupy Wall Street inspires 'I'm Getting Arrested'
The Occupy Wall Street protests sweeping the globe have inspired a new Android app, following increased police action against demonstrators. The 'I'm Getting Arrested app for Android will allow you to pre-programme custom text messages to your friends, family and lawyer and then when the cops swoop in, batons a-swingin' you just hit the bullseye to send them all.

BlackBerry App News: RIM sucks up to angry users with free apps
The Spotify launch aside, the last couple of weeks have been a PR disaster for RIM. The BlackBerry outage of last week left more users considering their smartphone future than any Android or Apple launch. As a means of keeping its customers sweet, RIM has offered a selection of free BlackBerry apps worth £63. Among those up for grabs include SIMS 3, Bejweled and Texas Hold'em Poker and they're available until Christmas.

Smart TV App News: Samsung downloads reach 10m
We still don't hear a huge amount about native apps for connected TVs, but Samsung reached a major landmark this week with its 10 millionth app download for its Smart TV range. YouTube, iPlayer and LOVEFiLM are the most popular apps.


iPad App Review: GoodReader
Every iPad needs a decent reader app to handle those awkward docs you often get sent in emails and GoodReader for iPad is probably the best on offer. The brilliantly designed app can open PDFs, Word documents, Safari archives and all manner of video, audio and image files with the greatest of ease. There's also a host of animation tools and the opportunity to compress your work into a handy .ZIP file.

Android App Review: Tumblr
More and more bloggers are updating their sites via smartphone app these days and the Tumblr app for Android offers Google phone owners to do just that. The app isn't perfect, it's prone to crash and can take a while to upload larger files, but it will get the job done for you if you need to blog on the go.

iPhone App News: PingMe Messenger
The App Store is a wash with instant messaging solutions but most of them cost or are just simply unreliable. That's where PingMe for iPhone comes to the rescue. This free and trustworthy solution allows you to text anyone on BlackBerry, Android or iOS for free if they have the app installed on their phone. In that respect its very similar to What's App Messenger. If your mates are all iPhone users, then you'll be ok with iMessage.