App news: Twitpic wants to sell your uploaded photos

Company wants to make money from your celeb snaps

Greedy Twitpic move serves-up the best reason for switching to yfrog yet.

Smartphone photo uploading service Twitpic has altered its terms and conditions in order to sell-on any of the photos you take to third party news agencies.

The incredibly cheeky move will see uploaders retain the copyright to their pictures, while agreeing to license it to Twitpic so that the company can flog it on to newspapers, websites and magazines. Naturally, we get diddly squat.

Now, every time you upload a photo through the service, you agree to these new T&Cs. So, if you get a once-in-a-lifetime shot of David Beckham strolling through the park with a belly button piercing on show, Twitpic will sell that on through news agency WENN and those guys will make a massive wedge out of your handy work.

Our advice? If you get a good celeb photo, give your local news agency a call before you upload it to Twitter, they'll pay you cold hard cash for your tremendous find and then probably sell it on to the nationals for ten times that amount.

Twitpic, blatantly looking for an excuse to justify this blatant exploitation of the pap skills of its users, says the move has been made to "protect your content from organisations who have in the past taken content without permission.

"As recently as last month," the statement continues, "a Twitpic user uploaded newsworthy images of an incident on a plane, and many commercial entities took the image from Twitpic and used it without the user's permission."

Thanks for nothing, guys. Time to give yfrog a try.

Link: Twitpic blog (via TechRadar)