App News: Spotify adds gapless playback for Mac and PC client

Mixes can also be crossfaded for the ultimate dancefloor exp

Spotify just became a viable tool for DJs by adding gapless playback and crossfades just like iTunes. The new update for the desktop client is coming this week.

Spotify has updated its desktop app to add gapless playback and track-to-track crossfading for both free and Premium subscribers.

The new functionality will begin rolling out to all users this week and will dramatically improve the listening experience for folks who enjoy listening to dance mixes, classical music and live albums, say Spotify.

For all those decks-happy DJs out there, the crossfade functionality will mean users can recreate the club environment and create custom mixes. You'll be able to select crossfades between 1 and 12 seconds.

The company wheeled out DJ Paul Oakenfold to make its point. He said: "I use Spotify daily. Many of my own releases are mixed so I'm delighted to hear Spotify will now offer gapless playback and crossfade so my fans can experience the mixes on Spotify in the way they normally do in the clubs."

Cheers for that, Paul.

The updates should be hitting your accounts this week and Spotify will prompt you to restart the app when they're ready to be installed.

The new version of the software also brings: Faster artist browsing; Better sorting of albums & top hits; New save and restore feature for 'Now Playing', Improved Subscribe, Buddy List and Favourites option; Drag & drop fixed on Windows; ‘Hide purchase buttons’ option (Premium users only); ‘Offline Mode’ via Spotify menu.

We've emailed Spotify to see when the playback upgrades will be coming to the Premium mobile apps.