App News: Sonic CD spins onto iOS, Android devices

Much-loved Sega CD game caps a big year for the blue hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog turned 20 this year and with a new adventure for Xbox LIVE, he's had a decent celebration. One of his most lauded adventures is now back from 1993 for a little more Sonic nostalgia

Sonic the Hedgehog has completed his 20th anniversary year with the launch of the much-loved Sonic CD adventure for iOS, Android and Xbox LIVE.

The 1993 game which was initially launched for the Sega CD, or the Mega CD as it was known on UK shores, brought the ability to play exclusively as Tails as well as introduction of the evil Metal Sonic bad-guy character and Sonic's main squeeze Amy Rose.

This time around Sonic is charged with preventing Dr Eggman from controlling the fabric of time by recovering the missing Time Stones.

The updated version of the much-loved classic has been optimised for iOS devices and is compatible with Game Centre. The app also features both the US and Japanese soundtracks

Sonic CD is available to download now from Xbox LIVE and a PlayStation Network version will arrive on December 20th. iPhone, iPad and Android owners can download the app today for a ridiculously cheap price of £1.49.

Link: App Store (via VentureBeat)