App news: BBC News app comes to Samsung Smart TVs

HTML-built app will offer up-to-date news bulletins

The BBC announces it will launch a news app that will provide Samsung Smart TV owners with on-demand services and news bulletins

The BBC has announced that it will launch a News application for Samsung Smart TVs with other platforms set to follow.

The BBC News app offers owners of Samsung's mighty-fine connected sets an on-demand, 20-25 minute bulletin, which the Corporation claims will be just like the ones shown on BBC One.

The application was built using HTML meaning that any other connected TV platform can adopt the BBC News creation, but Samsung is the official first partner.

Samsung already has video apps from the BBC iPlayer and the movie-streaming LOVEFiLM player, so the BBC News on-demand channel fits nicely within that portfolio.

Samsung has also now shipped 2 million of its Smart TVs and app downloads across the globe while the BBC says that the tablet that is becoming the second TV in many homes in the UK.

Link: TechRadar