App games do not threaten console titles says expert

Exclusive: App gaming 'complements' console games

The continued rise in smartphone and tablet app-based gaming will not have a negative effect on the sale of console titles, an industry expert has told T3.

With Nintendo 3DS sales flailing and app-based games soaring in popularity, Steve Perlman, CEO of cloud gaming service OnLive has suggested that the rise in app titles will actually have a positive effect on dedicated games consoles.

"App-based games aren't a threat, I see it as very complimentary to the industry as tablet games are severely limited in what they can do," said Perlman.

As well as their specifications limitations, Perlman suggests smartphone and tablet app games are restricted by a series of key security issues. “Tablets see between 80 per cent and 90 per cent piracy with game apps and Android by its nature is an open platform,” the OnLive CEO said.

Looking to bridge the gap between console and app-based games, OnLive, which is to launch in the UK on September 22nd will see gamers able to play full console titles on their iPads and Android touting tablets.

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