App downloads to overtake voice call revenue

Mobile networks relying on app developers for revenue

Flat rate data tariffs an endangered species

Mobile networks will earn more cash from app downloads than they do from voice calls by 2013 according to a recent survey of industry professionals.

37 per cent of those surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit reckon that apps will provide the main source of revenue for the likes of Orange and O2, while 36 per cent still reckon voice calls will bring in the most wonga.

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39 per cent also felt that the networks should rely on third party app developers to push forward innovation, while 80 per cent reckon that open source app stores like the Android Market is the best way to go.

The survey also showed that networks want to bring an end to flat rate tariffs as mobile data consumption continues to soar. So, in Europe and the US, unlimited all-you-can eat internet could soon be a thing of the past.

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Link: TotalTele