Antennagate: Apple bashes Motorola Droid X

Fifth smartphone producer takes heat from Apple website

Motorola joins Nokia, HTC, Samsung and BlackBerry in the signal attenuation hall of shame.

The smartphone problem you never knew you had just got worse: according to the Apple antenna performance website, the new Motorola Droid X also suffers from signal drop-off if held incorrectly.

The site now hosts five video examples of competitors' smartphones all suffering from signal loss due to incorrect handling, even if some of the ways the Apple engineer in the video is holding it do look pretty bizarre.

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Jobs first riled competitors at his so-called 'antennagate' conference, during which he announced that iPhone 4 customers would receive free bumpers for their handsets, or a refund if they had already purchased one (expected to cost Apple $175 million). He demonstrated with three handsets - the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Samsung Omnia II and the HTC Eris - that their signal, too, could be made to attenuate if held incorrectly. Since then the site has added footage of the Nokia N97, and now the Motorola Droid X has made its way into the firing line.

The Droid X, the successor to the original Droid or Milestone as it's known in the UK, sold out accross the States when it launched just under two weeks ago, seemingly riding high on Apple's iPhone 4 difficulties. No word as yet from Motorola about the handset's inclusion in the Jobsian hall of shame, but after seeing the responses from the other Apple competitors, we'd expect something pretty sharpish.