Swiss rail firm to challenge Apple over clock design?

Swiss companies say redesigned clock app is similar to their own designs

Swiss Railway operator SBB, plus a Swiss watchmaker are considering taking action against Apple over similarities between their iconic clock face design and the iOS 6 Clock App on the iPad

The iconic design, recognised for its little red hand on black dashes, was created by Hans Hilfiker in 1944 and has been licensed to the Mondaine Group since 1986.

SBB spokesman Reto Kormann, said: “SBB isn’t hurt, but proud that his (Hans Hilfiker) icon of watch design is being used by a globally active and successful business.”

But the Mondaine group are hoping to seek peace, not war. Andre Bernheim, the company’s co-owner, said: “Three companies together – Apple, SBB and Mondaine – can together achieve something positive. We’ll see how this all ends up.”

Via Reuters