Anonymous demands free access to Wikileaks

Hacktivist group criticises Wikileaks over partial paywall

Anonymous has criticised Wikileaks on Twitter for using a donation overlay to shield some of its content

The hacktivist group Anonymous, whose members have supported Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange in the past, have slated it on Twitter for instituting what they feel is a 'paywall'. Earlier today, members of Anonymous posted on Twitter, urging their followers not to donate money to Wikileaks until further notice, and calling on Wikileaks itself "to change their current set up to force donations."

The reason for Anonymous taking action is Wikileaks's use of an overlay donation page for the Global Information Files. Anyone who visited the site was treated to a parody video of one of Barak Obama's speeches and a request for donations to Wikileaks, which could be made using Visa or Mastercard.

Anonymous took issue with the overlay, branding it a 'paywall' and demanding that it be removed. It also warned Wikileaks it risked losing support, saying on Twitter, "This, dear friends will lose you all allies you still had. @Wkiileaks please die in a fire, kthxbai."

Anonymous, traditionally has been an ally to Assange and Wikileaks. The group claimed responsibility two years ago for distributed denial-of-service attacks on Mastercard, Visa and Paypal, when those organisations blocked users from donating funds to Wikileaks.