Angry Birds tops 10 million paid for iPhone downloads

Super app exceeds 30 million all platform downloads

Is Angry Birds the most successful app ever?

App phenomenon Angry Birds has reportedly surpassed 10 million paid iPhone downloads from the Apple App Store.

With the free Android version of the perilously addictive game having already exceeded the 2 million mark, the total number of free and paid for downloads of the Angry Birds app across all mobile platforms is believed to have topped 30 million.

The unprecedented and un-floundering success of the Angry Birds app has exceeded all expectations with the recently released Halloween themed edition of the game having recorded over 1 million sales.

As the Angry Birds creators gear up to cash in on the game’s popularity ahead of the Christmas period with a range of Angry Birds themed plush toys and other such merchandise we want to know, is Angry Birds the greatest app ever made?

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