Angry Birds Star Wars hits this week

Star Wars themed Angry Bird set for release by Rovio on November 8th

Angry Birds Star Wars official gameplay trailer heralds arrival of Rovio's latest game on November 8th

Fancy an excuse to run down your smartphone's battery life on your commute to work this week? Then can we suggest you cast a weather eye at the full trailer for the new Star Wars-themed Angry Birds game from Rovio. Having teased players over the last month with a series of videos, the Finnish developer has now revealed around a minute's worth of gameplay for their new title.

The new trailer shows that the game in question is certainly more than simply a quick brand-name-boosted cash-in. In it, players can marvel as the Jedi-cloak wearing fouls use lightsabres, forcefields and the odd laser gun to blast through Empire-themed constructions housing green pigs. A lot of the birds have been designed to look like the film's most iconic characters and some of the levels are even based around scenes from the original films.

There's no word on pricing as yet, but Angry Birds Star Wars is set for release on November 8th on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PC and Mac.