Angry Birds Rio to be Amazon appstore exclusive

Next Rovio installment to debut on the Android Market rival

Amazon puts all its eggs in one basket...

Amazon's forthcoming Android appstore has sent a clear message to the Android Market by snagging the next installment of Angry Birds as an exclusive.

Angry Birds Rio, which will see the winged menaces head to Brazil to rescue their kidnapped pals, will be Amazon's lead launch title for its rival Android app store.

Amazon's store will also get the ad-free, paid for version of Angry Birds seasons, for the first time on Android too.

It's likely that Amazon has thrown a few quid in the direction of Rovio to secure this exclusive, but it's well known that the developers haven't been 100 per cent happy with the Android Market in the past. All in all, it seems like a great move from Amazon to launch the store with easily the most popular app in the world at the moment.

The 'Rio' theme sees developers Rovio earn a movie tie in with the forthcoming Rio animated movie from the makers of Ice Age. The original Angry Birds set out to save old friends Blu and Jewel, two rare macaws and stars of the movie.

While there's no official release date at present, Rio arrives in cinema's worldwide on April 15th, with the app expected by the end of the month.

Link: Eurodroid