Angry Birds Rio crash lands in the Android Market

The latest installment flies over to Blighty's shores

Amazon's Angry Birds Rio exclusivity ends, making it available to UK fans

Angry Birds Rio has flown into the Android Market today having previously been caged up in the Amazon Appstore, a service currently only available to US users.

The new Android Market release will see UK Angry Birds fans who tout a Google Android powered smartphone finally able to give their device the Brazilian based app release that landed on Apple's iOS platform last week.

The game ties in with Hollywood's latest animated flick for kids and sees the plucky little birds in Rio freeing fellow birds and battling against the evil monkeys.

Available for free on the Android Market, downloaders will receive 60 levels of strategic fun with hints at future levels to come further down the road.

It's uncertain whether or not Rovio will be making use of the Market's new in-app billing feature to charge for additional Angry Birds Rio content although its worth noting that they have generally shied away from that option in Apple's App Store.

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