Angry Birds Lite released for Android phones

Beta version of hit game crosses line in the sand

Winged menaces set to wreak havoc on Android phones.

Android users get your thumb ready to tap that Market icon as Angry Birds has finally made the leap from iPhone to phones packing Google's open-source operating system.

The game, which has been downloaded over 5 million times on the iPhone, has arrived as a Beta version on the Android Market with developers encouraging downloaders to help make the finished version of the game the best it can be.

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The announcement reads: "Angry Birds Lite Beta is now available at the Android Market. Please note that this is the beta version of the application, which is still undergoing final testing before official release.

"Angry Birds Lite Beta is an unfinished version of the application and may not reflect the final gameplay. Help us create the best game ever on Android!"

The news follows last month's revelation that the Angry Birds team plan to bring the furious flying creatures to the Sony PS3 and Nintendo DSi also.

Link: Angry Birds