Angry Birds iPhone app coming to PS3, DS and PSP

Hugely popular app set for a console makeover

Chart-topping app set to spread its wings.

iPhone phenomenon Angry Birds is set to fly on to the Sony PlayStation 3, PSP and Nintendo DS consoles according to the developers responsible for the massive gaming hit.

The game, which costs 59p to download for the iPhone and £4.99 for the iPad, involves using a catapult to fire winged creatures with anger issues, smashing them through a host of tricky targets to annihilate what's inside them.

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The addictive title has been downloaded over 5 milliion times and has made developers Rovio about £2m. Now the team is looking to take on the consoles with planned versions scheduled for three formats.

"We're also releasing it on the Playstation 3, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP," says Rovio co-founder Joe Wee, which we're assuming would mean a digital download to the PlayStation Network in the PS3's case.

“When it was released last December Angry Birds made a slow start but as word got round, everyone's gone crazy for it,” he added. “You hear the phrase 'just one more go' used a lot in video games but it definitely applies to Angry Birds.”

Link: Rovio (via MCV)