Angry Birds HD 1.5 released for Apple iPad

Angry Birds fly in to the wild west on the iPad update

The wild west won't know what's flown in.

A new version of Angry Birds HD has flown in for the Apple iPad, just in time for Christmas.

Apple iPad owners and Angry Birds fans will be interested to know that Rovio has released Angry Birds HD 1.5.

The updated version 1.5 for Angry Birds on the iPad brings 15 new levels set in the wild, wild west called "Ham 'Em High".

Apart from the new levels in a different background, the update promises a new golden egg, the mighty eagle and support for the Apple Game Centre.

The might eagle isn't free however - it costs 59p and can be used just once every hour.

Rovio has said on the iTunes app store: "We’d like to take this opportunity to extend our infinite gratitude to friends of our fierce birds everywhere. We thank you sincerely from the bottoms of our fluffy hearts for making Angry Birds the highest rated and best selling game ever on iTunes!"

Angry Birds has topped 50 million downloads across all mobile platforms, so it's likely to continue blitzing ahead.

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