Angry Birds goes up against Cut the Rope: who's winning?

It's the battle of the apps. Birds against a green monster.

It's an app sales battle! Did anyone see it coming?

Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are two apps which are both published by Chillingo, which techies will remember was recently moved under the wings of EA.

Angry Birds is a successful phenomenon that's spawning its own plush toys - it passed ten million app sales. Cut the Rope, which recently displaced Angry Birds from the app charts number one spot has moved past two million sales.

Here's where it gets slightly complicated. When EA took over Chillingo, any new Angry Birds titles weren't part of the deal. Rovio, the developers behind Angry Bird, self-published the popular 45-levels Angry Birds Hallowe'en soon after Cut the Rope hit the app market.

The new game managed to sell a million copies in six days and is currently on top of the App store chart. The original Angry Birds is is second spot, and Cut the Rope is in third.

With the new Rovio-published game selling the same amount of copies in less than the time Chillingo's Cut the Rope did, the app battle just got interesting.

Whose side are you on? Watch this space for more app updates.

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Via: ComputerandVideoGames