Angry Birds games to hit retail outlets later this month

Physical PC copies of Angry Birds release to be sold through retail chains

Following half a billion all format app downloads Angry Birds is to be released in physical CD-ROM based form through retailers later this month

The world’s most popular gaming release, Angry Birds, is to make the jump from app-based download to physical disc-based release as PC ROMs of the original Angry Birds title are made available for retail outlets.

Following last week’s announcement that Angry Birds has surpassed the half a billion (500,000,000) all format download milestone developer Rovio has confirmed the bird-flinging game which was first unveiled for the iPhone back in 2009 will be released in a physical PC form through retail outlets later this month.

“Boxed retail is another way to reach more audience,” Rovio spokesperson Ville Heijari told MCV. “Digital and mobile are still at the core of our business, but boxed retail is a good addition for taking the brand forward.”

Angry Birds PC Release Date and Price

With the original version of the Angry Birds game to hit retailers for PC on November £25 with a princely £10.20 price tag Rovio has revealed it will be followed by the movie-tie in Angry Birds Rio ahead of the Christmas shopping rush. Angry Birds Seasons is to land with retailers in early 2012.

Are you tempted to plump for the upcoming retail versions of Angry Birds or are you happy with your cut-priced app-based rendition of the game? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: MVC