Angry Birds download surge breaks GetJar app store

GetJar and Rovio sites fall down amid surge

Looks like most Android owners will be waiting a little longer for Angry Birds

It's been a strange day in the world of Angry Birds, which has ended in a whole host of Android owners still unable to download the full version of the game to their handset.

Demand is such on independent app store and that the servers have fallen over after hundreds of thousands of users tried to get their hands on the addictive game.

Angry Birds developer Rovio chose to launch the app on GetJar and its own website first rather than a more general release on the Android Market. That baffling decision appears to have backfired as the demand has brought both sites to their knees.

"Oops! Due to the enormous traffic generated by the Android launch of Angry Birds, is down," read a message on Rovio's website with links pointing would-be downloaders to the broken GetJar site.

The new game has 150 levels, all of which are different to those that appeared in the Beta version which launched last month. It's also a free download, compared to the 59p pricetag for the iPhone version.

Let's hope the lesson has been learned. Just stick it on the Android Market and be done with it.