Angry Birds cheat for iPad edition now available

59p to unleash the Mighty Eagle beast

Helping you wing it through the mobile gaming hit

Angry Birds iPad app owners can now get some added catapult-slinging help by purchasing the Mighty Eagle level cheat which is available with the latest Angry Birds game update.

Available as an in-app purchase priced at 59p, you can now unleash the winged beast which will help you take out those pigs scuppering your progress.

If you need to call on the Mighty Eagle in further levels, the cheating bird will replenish itself so you don't have to fork out 59p again.

Angry Birds version 1.5 which will set you back £2.99 on the App Store also adds 15 new levels and a new Golden Egg soundboard which should keep you entertained over the festive period.

Link: Tech Radar