Angry Birds 2 confirmed for consoles and Facebook

Rovio cements a sequel told from the Pigs' point of view

Will the franchise become 'bigger than Tetris'?

The company behind runaway success Angry Birds, Rovio, has announced that a sequel is definitely in the works and will be coming to consoles as well as mobile platforms.

CEO Peter Vesterbacka has been giving a few details on the game’s next iteration at the Virtual Goods Summit in London, and has said that Angry Birds 2 will “surprise people.” He added that “the aim for Angry Birds is to be bigger than Tetris”.

So far the only details we have are that it will include a form of multiplayer that Vesterbacka describes as being “like old school Worms games,” and that it will turn the action on its head by telling “the story from the pigs point of view.”

Rovio has also turned its attention to Facebook, and is trying to get a version of AB on the social networking site soon, in which you’ll be able to play against friends, to capitalise on its popularity. Has the Angry birds phenomenon gotten out of hand or are you in eager anticipation? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.