AndyPad: bargain Android tablet hits shelves

£129 for basic model, with specced up version also available

AndyPad aims to cash in on rush for cheap slates in wake of HP TouchPad's demise.

Cheap tablets have become headline-grabbing news in recent weeks, with the HP TouchPad’s huge price cut leaving everyone wondering whether slates are just too expensive.

And if you’re still not keen on stumping up in excess of £300 and missed out on an £89 TouchPad, then the AndyPad might be the answer. This bargain bucket tablet has just hit UK shelves, costing £129 for the basic 8GB model, which touts a 7-inch, 800x480 resistive touchscreen and HDMI smarts.

The niftier AndyPad Pro costs £179, but has a capacitive touchscreen with 1024x600 resolution, 16GB of storage and Bluetooth. Best of all, both come with Android Honeycomb, so you know the software will be top notch.

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Via Phandroid