Andy Gray and Richard Keys funniest quotes app launched

It's not what you think...

No, it's not a collection of Gray and Keys' misoginistic rantings.

"Did you smash it, Redknapp?" and "Do me a favour, love?" have entered into football folklore following Sky Sports' recent sexismgate, so it's ironic that a new footy quotes app has been launched for iPhone starring the condemned pair of presenters.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray are the animated hosts of the "Funniest Football Quotes" app for iPhone, featuring some silly soundbites from some of the game's comedic talents. However, it seems that the funniest thing about this app is the timing of its launch.

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In today's press release, developers Quapps Interactive were very keen to make it clear that it's not an app making fun of the disgraced duo, but features them actually behaving themselves and doing their jobs.

"We are fully aware of the limelight surrounding Andy and Richard at the moment and would like to stress that this application has absolutely nothing to do with what has happened this past week or so. This is an entertainment application with Andy and Richard doing what they do best... talking about football."

Apparently the app features Gray and Keys uttering some of their most famous catchphrases that can also be used as ringtones, like Gray's "Take a bow, son."... What, no "Charlotte, tuck this in for us love?" While "ahhhh, you beauty" would make a great ringtone, we'd prefer "A woman linesman? The game's gone mad."

The Funniest Football Quotes app is available now for iPhone and it's "hanging out of the back" of the App Store for £1.19.

Link: The Funniest Football Quotes