Android Swiftkey app increases typing by 50%

Free Android app now available in beta from Marketplace

Is this the next generation of texting and e-mailing?

A new app for Android phones apparently increases typing speeds by up to 50%, according to the app's developer, Swiftkey.

The app works by offering to complete words as the user types them (just like most phones under the sun), but is also context sensitive, throwing up three suggested words in a space above the virtual keyboard which the user can then insert into a message with one tap.

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The app also analyzes a user's writing style over time, making it more accurate the more it is used, and in foreign language versions (the app is available in English, Dutch, German, Swedish and Spanish) will also add in accents.

You can check out the video for the Swiftkey app on YouTube, and download the free Android beta for the app from the Swiftkey site or Android App Store.