Android smartphone market share grows as Apple falls

RIM and Microsoft both lose ground to growing Android

Google's world domination plans are moving along nicely

Google’s Mobile operating system, Android has increased its share of the US smartphone market in the quarter leading up to May whilst competitors, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry’s RIM all saw their percentages fall.

The figures, compiled by research outfit comScore, sees the Google OS come to within just 0.2 per cent of replacing Microsoft as the third most frequently used mobile OS in the America. Apple remain in second behind the dominant RIM despite both manufacturers suffering market loses.

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With a 13 per cent share of the market, the Android platform saw a 4 percent rise between February and May of this year as RIM dropped 0.4 per cent to a 41.7 per cent share, Apple lost 1 per cent down to 24.4 and the struggling Microsoft fell 1.9 per cent to control just 13.2 per cent of the market.

Much of the success Android is seeing, success that has seen the platform rise from just a 5 per cent market share back in December, can be attributed to the number of handsets the OS is being installed on. Despite Apple holding almost twice the market share of its Google born competitor, the Apple OS share relates to just the three iPhone handsets (the figures are pre-iPhone 4 release).

If the Android OS continues to rise at its current rate, the Google operating system will not only easily surpass Microsoft's offering but will be challenging fierce rivals Apple in the near future before targeting the previously untouchable BlackBerry makers, RIM.