Android sales to top 55 million in 2010

New research points to further surge for Google

Big G blowers set to rule 2010 according to analysts at Digitimes.

Android sales are set to break the 55 million barrier in 2010, handing the Big G’s youthful OS second place in the smartphone charts. That’s according to research by Digitimes, which reckons the burgeoning platform will be boosted by LG and Samsung outing more blowers replete with the operating system.

That number of phones will give Android 24.5 per cent of smartphone sales, leaving only Symbian above it on 32.6 per cent. And with Nokia’s creaking OS slipping fast, you can expect Google to be gunning for number one in 2011.

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Digitimes reckons RIM will drop to third in the charts with 16.4 per cent, while iOS will sit behind its key rivals with 15.2 per cent. These are projected figures, but RIM and Symbian will be worried that as their figures slide, newer rivals Apple and Google are kicking on.

The stats come just weeks after Android jumped ahead in the charts for the first half of 2010, recording 13.8 per cent of smartphone sales and giving Cupertino a battering. With 200,000 Android phones being activated daily, it seems the growth is not about to stop.

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Via Digitimes