Android phones and tablets get iDisplay app

Turn your tablet into an auxiliary monitor

View the same desktop on both devices.

Sharpe services today served up a boost to new Android tablet owners, but launching its iDisplay app which allows users to turn their Google-powered device into a secondary computer monitor.

The Android app, which is compatible with both Windows and Apple computers means that for a small fee you get that extra screen real estate for the IM windows, video or social networking feeds. Although why you wouldn't use your tablet's native app for the social networking feed is another matter altogether.

The app works by connecting the two devices over IP and can only work over Wi-Fi, but should be great for those who want to watch, say, a live stream of a sporting event and still work, without tethering a huge HDMI cable to your HD TV screen.

Developed by Sharpe Services, iDisplay has already been a hit on the Apple App Store, after bringing the same functionality to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners since its launch in April last year. It doesn't appear that the ability to use the touchscreen, offered by the iOS iteration has yet made it to the Android version of the app, however.

Early reviews on the Android Market appear to suggest that there's a few bugs to iron out before it's worth splashing £3.08 on. Users are experiencing trouble connecting with 64-bit Windows 7, and also with the reliability of the connection, so we'd hope these bugs will be ironed out soon.

iDisplay will work on any device running Android 2.1 and up and is available to download now.

Link: Android Market webstore