Android navigation apps for visually impaired launched

WalkyTalky and Intersection Explorer come to Market

Eyes-Free apps with Google Maps support launched on Android Market.

Google has released two new apps for the visually impaired to the Android Market today, to assist with navigation around towns and cities.

The two apps from the Google Eyes-Free Android group enable blind Android owners to make their way around their neighbourhood using Google Maps combined with voice commands and touch exploration.

WalkyTalky speaks the addresses of street locations as users pass them and also allows the visually impaired to specify the destination they wish to travel to, a la Google Maps Navigation.

The second app, which works in conjuction with WalkyTalky is called Intersection Explorer, which allows users to "explore" their neighbourhood by touching the screen.

"Moving one's finger along a compass direction, and then tracing a circle speaks each street at that intersection along with the associated compass direction," explains the blog post.

"Presence of streets is cued by a slight vibration as one traces the circle.Lifting up the finger when on a street moves in that direction to the next intersection, speaks the distance moved, and finally speaks the newly arrived-at intersection."

Both apps are free to download from the Android Market and are available now.

Link: Eyes-Free group (via PC World)