Android Market Web App Store launches: Video update

Video: Google brings iTunes style app shopping to the web

New Android web market makes finding Android apps easier. Watch the Android web market video to see just how.

Source: T3 tech videos l Original: Android Web Market video

Among the hubbub of yesterdays Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) announcement, it was easy to miss the unassuming news that Google has completely refreshed the web version of the Android Market. The Market web store, which has gone live now, brings the online presence of the Market in line with what’s currently offered by Apple – namely a list of every available app, with pictures, reviews and charts.

Previously, Android’s web store only sported a ‘featured’ section, and the info on offer was somewhat sparse. This update should allow users to properly scan and compare apps on their computers before downloading. Another update came in the form of in-app payments, which will allow for extra content, such as levels for games to be bought on the go.

In-app payments is a feature sweeping the board at the moment; BlackBerry App World has just received a bump up to version 2.1, which also gifts the purchasing option du jour. What do you make of the new Android Market web store? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.