Android Market update rolls out

US users first to get improved app emporium

Books and videos up for grabs.

Google’s much-vaunted update to Android Market, touted just a few weeks ago, has finally begun rolling out to phones packing the OS. The improved app store is currently only available in the US.

The new-look Android Market is designed for phones using Android 2.2 FroYo and above, It comes with a new book store, as well as the chance for US users to rent videos at $1.99 a pop.

The interface of the market has also been given a much-needed facelift, making it easier to search out decent add-ons and look at recommendations. You can see just what the new store looks like in the clip below.

UK punters will have to wait a while to see the new Android Market, with video rentals not due to roll out on these shores for some time.

Via Unwired View