Android Market outage, app payments declined

Weekend blackout leaves sellers furious

Google yet to comment publically on what caused the problem.

Android app developers lost out this weekend as the Android Market randomly declined payments from buyers hoping to download paid-for applications.

The outage, which ran from Saturday until 12:15pm on Monday, also prevented Android users from buying apps. Many users blamed the implentation of the related apps feature on the Android Market although Google hasn't made any public comment yet.

As of Monday afternoon the issue appeared to be resolved, with payments going through again, but throughout the weekend many developers took to Google's official support forums seeking help from the Android team and demanding compensation from Google.

Android developer Fouldsr said: "I have emailed (prospective buyers), but they may have now purchased alternatives. Probably lost a few hundred pounds, will Google compensate?"

We await comment from Google about what the actual issue was, but there's a lot of angry developers out there with some empty Christmas coffers.

Link: Google support