Android Market now offers film-rentals

UK launch of film-rentals on the Android Market for computers and mobile devices

Apparently this is the week we are to be spoiled rotten in terms of video-rentals. Netflix may have announced they'll be heading to the UK soon but Android offers film-rentals now

The Android Market now offers UK users the chance to rent films and watch them on both their computers and mobile-devices. With prices starting from £2.49 the service is clearly in line to compete with already established services such as the iTunes store and LoveFilm.

Once downloaded the film can then be kept for up to 30-days but once the film has started playing customers then have 48-hours to watch the rest of the film. Having already launched in the US in May, the service is one part of several that the Android Market now offers bringing the total to Apps, Books and Movies.

To access the film-rental on a tablet or smartphone you need to download the videos app from the Android Market but once downloaded rentals made on any one device will then be available across all devices that have been logged in with that profile.

What do you think? Will this encourage customers away from more conventional means of film-rental? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: Telegragh