Android Market Movies revealed

New rental store set to go live in United States

New Google service works across PC, phone and tablet.

Google has given the official nod to its new Android Market Movies service. Heading to the States over the next few weeks, the rental package will let owners of Android phones and tablets, as well as PC owners, nab films on the fly.

To snag flicks on your phone, you’ll need to be running Android 2.2 or higher, with a US update expected over the next few weeks. Tablet users will feel the love when Google bumps Honeycomb up to Android 3.1.

Prices kick off at $3.99 for standard-def goodies, rising to $4.99 for HD movies. You get 30 days to watch from the day you download, and 24 hours from when you press play. UK users can’t check out the online store just yet, with no word from Google as to when we’ll be feeling the movie love.

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