Android/iPhone app news: ESPN Goals app now free

Instant video app coming before footy season starts

Free goal videos delivered straight to your phone.

ESPN is launching a free and enhanced version of it's superb ESPN Goals app, which will bring video highlights from Premier League football games within minutes of goals being scored.

The app, which will launch sometime between now and the start of the new Premier League season in a couple of weeks, will feature goals from all 380 Premier League games for the 2011/2012 season.

It means that footy fans with an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia or BlackBerry device don't have to wait until Match of the Day, or Sky's Football First shows to see the action from games that aren't shown on live TV.

Aside from the goals, the ESPN app will also feature video highlights from games, video match previews, live scoreboards, and push notifications alerting fans whenever a goal is scored.

The only time you won't be able to catch the action is between the UEFA protected window of 2:45-5:15pm window on Saturdays, but after that, the action will flow.

Last season the app cost users £3.99 a month or £29.99 a season, so this new and enhanced free version of the app represents some fantastic value for smartphone users.

Link: ESPN