Android Honeycomb announcement coming this Wednesday

Google gathering promises 'in-depth' deets on new OS

California bash set to bring more news on tablet-centric OS.

Android Honeycomb might have had tongues wagging at CES thanks to an awesome reveal video and a slew of tablets packing a rough and ready version of the OS. But this week Google will finally flesh out what it’s got planned for its tablet-friendly OS.

The Big G is holding a press bash in California on Friday at 6pm UK time, promising an, “…in-depth look at Honeycomb, Android ecosystem news and hands-on demos”.

That tidbit has sent gossip mongers into overdrive, with the likelihood that Google will reveal its future software plans for Android phones as well as tablets, as well as tout some new kit. It all means the phones at MWC should come crammed with the very latest Google goods in their final form.

We’ll be bringing you news from the Google gathering as it happens, so stay tuned for updates here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.