Use of Google's Android OS continues to grow in US

43 per cent of Stateside smartphones use Google’s OS

Google’s Android operating system surging ahead as Apple's iPhone stays stable and smaller rivals lose out. But will upcoming Apple iPhone 5 release change everything?

Android remains the number one smartphone OS in the US, taking a whacking 43 per cent of the market in August. That’s according to research by analyst firm Nielsen, which shows the platform just refuses to stop growing.

The iPhone was on the same 28 per cent as the last time Nielsen conducted its smartphone research in June. BlackBerry dropped to 18 per cent from 19 per cent, while others fell to 11 per cent, down from 13.

It all makes for grim reading for Symbian and Windows Phone. However, Microsoft and Apple could have something to cheer when October’s numbers are eventually revealed, with Windows Phone Mango and the iPhone 5 expected to give each company a surge in sales.

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Via Electronista