2.9 per cent of Android phones now have Ice Cream Sandwich

Gingerbread still the dominant OS with 63 per cent

Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for over six months but is still suffering from a slow uptake of devices, will 2012 be the year for Android 4.0?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is now on 2.9 per cent of all Android phones, the figures have come to light on the Android Developers site which posts regular updates on the uptake of each new Android OS.

Android Gingerbread is still the most used Android OS on Android devices with an impressive 63 per cent of all Android devices running 2.3.3, an almost 20 per cent increase since December of last year.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Despite Android Ice Cream Sandwich having been announced in October last year the OS is having a slow uptake on devices with handset manufacturers still releasing handsets which they had pre-planned to run Gingerbread.

On top of that they then have to create and prepare the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their existing range and also future handsets. Sony's Xperia S for example has been launched with Gingerbread but will receive the ICS update almost immediately afterwards.