Android dominates US smartphone market

Google's mobile operating increases user base at RIM's expense

Google’s Android operating system has increased its market share in the US by more than five per cent.

In a survey carried out by ComScore, between February and May this year Google’s percentage of smartphone subscribers increased to 38.1 per cent, up from 33 per cent.

RIM, owners of BlackBerry meanwhile, saw its market share drop from 28.9 to 24.7 per cent in the same period. Microsoft and Palm also saw decreases, of 1.9 and 0.4 per cent respectively.

Apple meanwhile increased its portion of smartphone users grow slightly by 1.4 per cent, taking its slice of the market to just over a quarter. In the hardware stakes, Samsung phones are used by 24.8 per cent of American users, while Apple is accounts for just 8.7 per cent.

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