Android Chrome to Phone and Voice Search apps launch

Google mobile event sees real-time voice controls

Google unveils new Google Voice Search for Android 2.2

Google has launched two new Android 2.2 products in San Francisco, Chrome-to-Phone and an all-new Google Voice Search.

The next iteration of Google voice was unveiled by Google's Hugo Barra, global lead for mobile. Different actions, called ‘Voice Actions’ are now “integrated into the new Google Search for Android, available today for 2.2 Froyo devices on the Android Market", Barra told a press conference.

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"Our focus has been taking tasks you do all the time and make them easier. Especially multi-step tasks.”

Google demonstrated a series of the new voice commands, such as ‘drive to xxx’, which launches Google Maps, and ‘Listen to xxx’ which either launches a music player or searches online sources. “25 per cent of Android 2.0 search is done by voice”, said Barra.

Chrome-to-Phone is an extension to the Chrome browser, install it and you get a little Mobile Phone icon. “You're reading an interesting story in Chrome but need to the phone icon and it pushes the page to your phone”, said Barra.

The app also enables users to push YouTube videos to their handsets, then YouTube launches on the phone automatically. Google Maps is also deeply integrated for sharing locations and mapping, as well as phone numbers - highlight a number in Chrome and Chrome-to-Phoned it, and the phone will start dialling.

Third parties are designing extensions for other browsers, such as Firefox, according to Google bosses.