Android chief 'not happy' with platform's app sales

Google's Android OS experiencing low app sales

Google Mobile OS struggling to match Apple in app sales

Android chiefs have expressed their concern at the platform's lacklustre app sales just days after market leader Apple announced the 10 billionth download from the Apple App Store.

The Google-owned operating system's woes in the app market has sparked a possible reform in a bid to make the acquisition of apps more user-friendly with the introduction of in-app payments.

Eric Chu, Android platform manager, is said to be “not happy” but reiterates the aims of the Android app market: “We’re focused on a user having a great experience, so we want to see a consistent purchasing experience from apps on the platform.

“Android as a platform is open, so developers have complete latitude to release apps, but we ask that you use our payment system on our app platform.”

He added: “My team is 100 percent focused on the success of the developers — are users downloading apps, are they buying them?

“You can expect to see more investment into merchandising, payments, discovery, downloading, those are absolutely top areas for us.”

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Via: Fireside | Via: Tech Radar